Explanatory stories

‘Barely making it’ in New Bedford (The New Bedford Light)

I analyzed data from a variety of sources to quantify how much the cost of living has outpaced incomes in New Bedford. Rents increased at nearly double the rate of incomes from 2020 to 2023.


More housing, less parking? (The New Bedford Light)

Part 1: Transit-oriented housing development tests New Bedford’s plan for neighborhoods near train stations
Part 2: Councilors say zoning change near commuter rail stations would go too far

When a developer proposed a housing development with only 27 parking spaces for 35 apartments, New Bedford’s zoning board laughed at him. But the city plans to implement “transit-oriented development” zoning that would make such a low parking ratio legal in some parts of the city. Opposition to this development foreshadowed challenges city planners were likely to face in getting the zoning approved.


More explanatory stories

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